International Shortcourse to be offered again in June, 2018

September 20, 2016

Please check back in 2017, as we are planning to offer the course again in association with the June, 2018 IS.Rivers conference in Southern France.

Cross-sectionThis five-day workshop emphasizes understanding geomorphic process as a sound basis for planning and designing river restoration projects and programs, with specific applications and field visits to Mediterranean and mountain environments. The course is in English, but draws heavily on river restoration and management experiences in France and elsewhere in the EU, complemented by experiences in North America and elsewhere. Instruction includes lectures, field exercises, problem sets and workshops on approaches to planning and implementing process-based restoration.

The course uses several texts, including Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology (Kondolf and Piégay, John Wiley & Sons, second edition forthcoming in 2015) and Stream Restoration: a Comprehensive Guide to Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (John Wiley & Sons, 2012), over 40 relevant papers and manuals on CDRom and/or accessible on a password-protected site online, and printed lecture notes and field trip guides.

SurveyingThe course is taught by an array of leading researchers and practitioners in the field, including Hervé Piégay (CNRS, Lyon), Matt Kondolf (Univeristy of California, Berkeley), Pete Downs (Plymouth University), Jeff Haltiner (ESA-PWA), and Robin Jenkinson (Johnson Creek Watershed Council). Further, the course draws participants from multiple countries and diverse regions, and among its most valuable features are workshops in which participants can present problems encountered in their professional work to receive feedback from instructors and other participants.

RockSortingThe course is suitable for managers, landscape architects, planners, ecologists, engineers, and members of other professions with interests in river restoration.

This shortcourse is the week before the international conference IS.Rivers, which will be held in Lyon, France, 2 hours north, offering the opportunity for participants to continue their fluvial experience through participation in the IS.Rivers conference.

Download a course brochure here: IB_Brochure_2015_Final